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Here you can find the availability of our gites. In principle we only rent per week, from Saturday to Saturday. In the early and late season we deviate from this.

Through our bookingform you can fill in all the necessary data. By return mail (if you fill in the form late in the evening, the next morning) you will receive an official confirmation with all administrative details.

While booking you have the choice to pay online (Credit Card) or by bank transfer. Here you can pay in cash or with a Credit Card.

Dogs are welcome at Mas Bernadis. We do ask you to keep the dog on a leash on our premises. Outside the terrain you can let the dog walk freely. There are several walks in the area that are fantastic for every dog. In any case this applies to our own dog, Ryan, a Border Collie. Unfortunately we do not have room for other pets.

If you let us know at least 2 days before your arrival date what you would like to have in your Holiday home on Saturday, for the first necessities of life, we will buy it for you. The costs will be included in the final invoice and the prices of the items will be the prices we paid for them. We don’t make a penny profit on this. It is not the intention to give up all the groceries for the whole holiday.

No, that is not possible. The pleasure a smoker gets from the cigarette does not outweigh the inconvenience for non-smokers. Mas Bernadis is completely smoke-free: inside the holiday homes and outside on the entire premises.

No, that is not possible. We find it no pleasure for other guests to sit on their terrace in the baking air of a BBQ.

Here, Contact, you can see in which part of France the Cevennes and Mas Bernadis are situated. On this page you will also find directions. If you prefer to drive with your own navigator, these are our GPS coordinates: 44.2634209 N and 4.1248627 E. We do advise, however, not to rely too much on the route planner in our vicinity. 9 out of 10 route planners see paths where you can barely walk, like a road where you can drive a car. The Itinerary on our site prevents these kinds of problems.

Children are welcome at Mas Bernadis. For the youngest children you can borrow a cot, high chair or bath tub from us free of charge. We can also set up a “paddling pool” if the pool is still too deep. We don’t have a human animation team to entertain the children. This task is taken care of by butterflies, grasshoppers and lizards which they can find without much difficulty. The space on our site and beyond requires discovery trips. The swimming pool and the many places where you can swim in natural water complete the picture. For specific outings you can take a look here.

Very close by. You can place a bread order for the next morning every evening. This order can then be picked up the next morning.

From Mas Bernadis it is about a 5 km drive to Besseges. Here is one supermarket with an excellent sorting. If you want a wider choice you can go to Saint Ambroix, about 12 kilometres from Mas Bernadis. Here are about 4 supermarkets with a wider choice. In the larger supermarkets organic and diet products (without cow’s milk, without gluten) are available. Supermarkets are usually open every day. On Sundays until 12:30 and on other days until 19:30. If in doubt, please check with us, opening hours may change.

It is possible to charge an electric car with us. Because the charge point has a maximum capacity of 3750 Watts, this is more of an emergency facility. Charging the whole car at our place would take much too long. In Saint Ambroix (10 minutes from us) there are several high power charging points.

Veelgestelde vragen Mas Bernadis

In April and May the temperature is usually nice during the day, the sun can shine, but there can also be a shower. 30 degrees in April is no exception but no certainty. Here you can see the average day and night temperature and the average hours of sunshine and mm rain.

Frequently Asked Questions Mas Bernadis

In June, July and August the weather is really summery for us. Warm with lots of sunshine. The sparse rain that falls is usually limited to a few hours at most. And after the rain comes sunshine almost immediately. Here you can see the average day and night temperature and the average hours of sunshine and mm rain.

Frequently Asked Questions Mas Bernadis

In September and October is nice late summer weather. The sun is certainly still abundant, but the chance of a shower is particularly greater at the end of this period, the last weeks of October. Here you can see the average day and night temperature and the average hours of sunshine and mm rain.

  • On Tuesdays there is a market in Saint Ambroix, about 20 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a market in Uzes, about 60 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
  • On Thursdays there is a market in Besseges, about 10 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
  • On Fridays there is a market in Barjac, about 30 minutes driving from Mas Bernadis.
  • On Saturdays there are markets in Grande Combe and Les Vans, both about 45 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.

In the Céze and some other “side streams” you can swim and jump off rocks. You have a choice of several places. Near Mas Bernadis you have the choice between two quiet places, both at about 20 minutes from Mas Bernadis and a busier place, where you can also eat something at about 25 minutes.
You can also swim in the Lake of Villefort. Villefort is a bit higher up and that’s why the water is nice and cool, especially in the middle of summer. Villefort is an hour’s drive from Mas Bernadis, but because the road leads directly through the Cevennes, with beautiful views in many places, this car ride is not a punishment.
You can also swim in the sea. That is a 2 hour drive, on the other hand you can combine that with a trip to Montpellier, a beautiful city.

In Nîmes, Avignon and Montpellier there is a typical Mediterranean atmosphere. The sunny weather, terraces where you can eat and/or drink something and nice shops. Specifically you will find in:

  • Nimes: a beautiful roman Arena , the Maison Carre and much more.
  • Avignon: The Palais du Pape, the famous Pont d’Avignon and in the summer months there is a street festival with lots of music and theatre.
  • Montpellier: A beautiful zoo, free of charge. The Sea is located a few kilometres from Montpellier.
  • Saint Ambroix: A medieval village. From the Dugas, a hill in the middle of the village, you have a beautiful view. On 13 and 14 July there is a medieval feast, Volo Biou, which ends with a spectacular firework display.
  • Naves: A village near Les Vans, with car-free streets and a real atmosphere of its own.
  • Rochegude: A village near Saint Ambroix with its own atmosphere. Lots of crawl-through-sneakthrough streets

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On 26 April 2007 we drove for the first time onto the grounds of Mas Bernadis and we were both instantly in love with this beautiful place, in the tranquillity of nature. Our son, Luca, was just 4 years old at the time and immediately ran after a lizard shooting away and we looked at each other. The decision had already been made: we wanted to trade our old life in the Netherlands full of meetings, crowds and traffic jams for an unknown new life in France. This was the place where we could realise our dream. Without any experience with catering and large-scale renovations, but with a lot of good courage and goodwill, we got started. The wish to run a small, unique holiday domain as a family, without staff, came true. And more importantly, we all have a lot of fun in it. Our love for the unique location and the unique Mas from 1850 has remained. We have been able to share this love with guests and it has not turned out to be an unrequited love. Everybody who wants to enjoy this unique location, our restaurant and our own beer is very welcome !

John, Cora en Luca

Fancy a wonderful holiday ?

In the peace and quiet of nature, which can still be found in the South of France ?