Food and Drinks

Food and drink belong to (southern) France like butter to bread. Of course, there are restaurants here where you can be served. But nothing is as nice as picking out the goods yourself at a local market and preparing them in the gite. To match, you can drink a home-brewed beer at our place. And if you don’t feel like cooking on Wednesdays, we’ll bake you a pizza. For groups of 5 persons or more we can, in consultation, cook a 3-course menu on one or more days. Please contact us for this.

Bière Bernadis

We brew traditional beer in our own brewery. There are several varieties: non-alcoholic beer, Witbier, Blond beer, which are never in short supply. In addition, we brew seasonal beers every year.

Pizza Bernadis

On Wednesdays we bake Pizzas, which you can take away.


On the day of arrival, groceries will be available, if desired. See also Questions

Bread service

Fresh bread can be ordered for every morning.

Fancy a lovely holiday home in the Cevennes ?

In the peace and quiet of nature, which can still be found in the South of France ?