The surroundings of Mas Bernadis offer plenty of opportunities to do things. Activities such as swimming in the pool or in the river, the lake or the sea. It is a paradise for cyclists and hikers. There are also many excursions to make.


If you are looking for cooling down, which will be no exception in summer, just walk to our swimming pool. The pool is 4 by 9 meters and is located about a hundred meters from Mas Bernadis. A distance that is easy to walk and which ensures that you have to enjoy emphatic pool sounds when you just open a book while enjoying a drink. The pool is built against a terrace so that you can just enter from the side, as in a conventional pool. But because it is built on a terrace it is higher than you are used to. Suspended on the edge of the pool, you don’t look at other people’s feet, but into the wooded valley of our garden. A special experience. For our little guests a paddling pool can be set up. You can also swim in rivers such as the Luech, the Villefort lake or even in the Mediterranean.


The area around Mas Bernadis is a paradise for cyclists. A number of footpaths are also accessible by mountain bike, although the cyclist should be a bit adventurous for this. If you, as a lover, just want to cycle on the road, this is also perfectly possible. Departing from Mas Bernadis you can immediately reach quiet and quiet roads where you can cycle well. The terrain is hilly so a bike with good gears and a reasonable condition is not a superfluous luxury. At Mas Bernadis the necessary cycling maps are available and we are of course happy to help you plan a tour or activities. We have also mapped out the necessary cycling routes ourselves, which you can choose via the button at the bottom of this page.


The surroundings of Mas Bernadis are also ideal for hikers. In the Gard, about 6,000 km of hiking trails are marked and signposted, with a completeness not expected in France. At Mas Bernadis there are also the necessary hiking maps available and of course we will be happy to help you plan your hike. We have also mapped out the necessary walking routes ourselves, which you can choose via the button at the bottom of this page.

Other activities

There is plenty to do in the vicinity of Mas Bernadis. Cave visits, canoe trips, horseback riding to name but a few examples. You can find the necessary links with information about activities below.

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